Sunday Outing

Me and Gem went out today and delivered 10 baskets of love to the women on the streets.  It is so hot out there and the thought of them standing in the sun for hours while their 'man' forces them to breaks my heart.  Today we added in bottles of water, hoping it'll help some.  It is always a blessing to hug, hold and pray with these girls...Lord, may you just keep them close to your heart....



I am looking for additional volunteers to help with this mission. Furthermore; if you, your Sunday school class, small group study...home group or whatever would like to get invovled I will hold a training and educational seminar at your descretion, simply email me at

We are in need of the following items:

gift bags or baskets
candies (nothing that will melt)
nail polish
manicure sets
Bibles (to include in Mandrin-most the brothel ladies are from Asia)
stuffed animals (small ones please)
ribbon to tie em with

Thanks so much....I'll be going out again in a couple weeks (maybe next Sunday) if you'd like to come to my apartment and help assemble and go out with me...I'll cook breakfast!!  While we pray and mediate asking Him to fill us with His compassion and grace...

Me & Gemma (the angel w/fur!)

God is SOO Good! HUGE Donation Rec'vd

We received a huge donation!!  If you'd like to come over and help me create gift bags for the ladies, please email me at
I'd like to go out Sunday and if you're interested in that too...please contact me.

Who Are We...And How YOU Can Help

Who Are We:

Into the Darkness is a grassroots ministry that reaches out to women in sexually oriented businesses better known as spas or brothels. We deliver the gift bags directly into the brothels of Houston sharing Christ love as well as providing items these women may otherwise may not have/get. As ugly as it may seem, many of these ladies may serve up to 30 men a day/night without so much as a toothbrush or cleansing wipe.  Granted, our goal is to shine His light into these dark places, however...loving them and caring for them until they are freed is also our concern.

Who Can Make Baskets:

Any and everyone can donate items, or create the gift bags for donation.  This is a great opportunity for women's groups, bible study groups, Sunday schools, or just anyone that my wish to become involved but are just not sure how or what to do.

What to do Before Making Bags:
• Contact Terri at or 281-628-4261. 
• Let me know when you will make basket so I can arrange pickup for delivery. Or if you're interested in becoming involved further we can discuss those options, too.

How to Make the Bags:

It's actually rather simple.  Most are in dire need of hygene items, yet we also include candies, nail polishes, puzzle books, candles, prayer booklets (though many are not of the American decent and cannot read English) so maybe a simple Bible verse on a card...and just whatever you feel these precious ladies could use or like. Personally, I have lots of friends that travel and they give me lots of the hotel size shampoos, lotions, soaps and these are GREAT for the bags.  We always add sweets, whether it's cookies, candies or chocolates.  Many are Asian, so fruit is ideal! Magazines are good, too!

Purchase some gift bags, or purses and simply fill them! It's just that easy.  However, the most important is covering these gifts with prayer.

Christmas Dinner Delivery

It was an absolute blessing to deliver hot meals of turkey/dressing, gravy, yams, veggies, and pie to five of our brothels.  A couple said they were waiting for us, and that was wonderful!!  God is so good!!  Thank you Jesus that we are given the opportunity to be your hands and feet in this dark dark place...may Your Spirit shine...


So Close...yet His Graces Were There...

After being gone for a couple of weeks, and missing my teams last visit to the brothels, I was very eager to go see the ladies.  It is amazing, one becomes quickly lovingly attached to these places and the precious jewels that reside within.

The day started early with two meetings, then we gathered for much prayer and intercession.  The Spirit was already flowing and one could probably see the Angels as they followed us down the streets of Houston.

We had 40 gift bags full of wonderful treats for our ladies.  These wonderful ladies.  The first two we visited are in the same strip center area.  One we've never seen anyone, just left the gifts. The other we've met two girls.  Doors are beginning to open as each visit comes.

Our next visit is always met w/a smile. However, we've only met one girl who seems to be there all the time.

As the day progressed, we found our interaction is definately getting more frequent, we are communicating more with the ladies, and interestingly, today we interacted with several of the johns.  I asked four myself if we could pray with them or if they had prayer requests.  Amazingly, one said yes and right there in the brothel we (me and two of my team mates) prayed with K_ _ _, a john who stated he'd just lost both his parents.  I can only image his pain and loneliness lead him to this place for comfort and companionship.  My hope is Jesus touched him, and let him know He was his answer to his grief.

As our day (as with each) went on, the visits become more intense.  It seems the brothels become more populated.  What I mean by that is the beginning of the day, our spas only have a couple of ladies, whereas by the end of the day they have as many as 8-10.  The number increasingly going up.  Thus the prayers intensify, The Holy Spirit becomes more active and emotions become more sensitive.  I think my heart even bleeds more.

Myself and another team member headed into a brothel that to our disbelief has been in business 15+ years and is always busy. (Which is not good.) And the set-up was as all others.  That like a Dr. office, lobby, counter w/two doors. One behind the counter, the other in the lobby.  Some will have glass separating the two areas, but this one, does not.  AS we walked in with our two gift bags a young (18ish if that) came out the door behind the counter.  We introduced ourselves, etc and began simple conversation.  Then suddenly, she begins mouthing something to the effect, "I want to leave", "I wish I could leave"...and both me and my partner glance at each other. I now see we were trying to confirm in each other we were both seeing the same thing.  We continued to carry on converstation, my partner and I were asking "the" questions to determine if she was there willingly, or not.  Are you from around here?  Are you going home for Christmas?  and that was it, the chin begins to quiver and we know...we know...she is scared to death, and is....well....indeed there unwillingly.  At that percise moment, I believe she becomes scared of whomever is behind that door, and she goes back to the back.. Then returns saying we had to leave, her boss said so.  DARN IT!! Wait, what is going on...wait...but....

Always when we arrive we ask how many girls are there to ensure we have enough gift bags, and she'd told us three, we'd only brought in two.  So, I said, okay, well go, but let us bring in another bag. Out we went, to the car and headed back in.  She came out the outside door this time, hugged me and BOOM, (this being the Holy Spirit within me literally, thundering between us as I held her and allowed her to state she was too scared to leave.  I simply said we'd be here if she needed us. (we had given her a card w/ a number to call.)

When we left, it was fire within the car.  The Sacred was blazing within each of us as we shared/discussed what'd just happened and how we were determined to get this baby out of there!  Our day of passion for why we are doing this was so instilled in us, right then, and right there....O'God, give us your feet and hands.  May we always carry Your love as we go into the darkness, only taking in Your Light.

Our day continued on, the last three were full of ladies; as many as five.  We sang Amazing Grace in one, and Silent Night in another.  We taking Christmas dinner to our ladies on Christmas Eve, and I am super excited!

Until then, Lord, may your light shine, yes, Abba, shine into this dark, darkness....bless all the ladies, bless them and keep them safe....